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Yoga Class Descriptions
Hatha Yoga -

A practice of bodily disciplines and breathing to increase stamina and to strengthen the internal organs and glands. Hatha Yoga helps free the body from aches and pains, stress, and disease. Hatha yoga enables the student to concentrate on the development of the mind and spirit without interference from the body. Hatha yoga benefits our health physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Yoga Beginning -
For those new to yoga, covers yoga basics.

Yoga Intermediate -
An energetic and vigorous practice of yoga.

Psychophysicals -
Warm ups that emphasize breathing, flexibility, and muscular tone to prepare students for the practice of yoga postures.

Gnana Yoga -
the study of topics related to the spiritual practices of yoga and yoga philosophy.

Prenatal Yoga -
Hatha Yoga created to benefit and meet the needs of the pregnant woman.

Vipassana Meditation -
Introductory techniques to insight meditation with an emphasis on practice.

Falun Dafa -
An easy to learn, dynamic meditation system for mind and body. Falun (Law Wheel), Dafa (Principles) is rooted in Chinese Buddhist teachings, and guided by the virtues of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. Benefits: Promotes health, increased energy, balance for mind, body and emotions. For information: Jim Signor (314) 749-9846 or www.falundafa.org.

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