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has practiced yoga for 39 years. She discovered yoga and found that it helped with the delivery of her second child. After that eye-opening experience, she took teacher training through the Solar Yoga Center of St. Louis and has taught yoga through the same organization for 37 years. She is a retired Registered Nurse, a retired public school teacher (Kindergarten, music, deaf education), & a secretary. She is a member of Yoga Alliance as a teacher and of the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America. She continues to update her yoga training through workshops and ashram retreats. Now her focus is on practices for good health, flexibility and increased energy. Her influences have been through Serge Renauld de la Ferriere who studied in India before starting his own yoga and Initiatic practice.

Ella has been practicing yoga since 1993. She discovered it in Brooklyn, NY while trying to lower her stress level. Since then, she has practiced with Astanga, Kundalini and Bikram practitioners. She has a particular interest in Anusara yoga for its attention to the principles of alignment as well as for its heart-opening capacities. She teaches French at Washington University in St. Louis, MO and has two young sons. Ella is fascinated with all things esoteric including New Thought, Buddhist meditation practices and the history of Spiritualism. Her teaching style is casual, spontaneous and earth based. She teaches to the level of each class and gives many variations for each pose. She also likes to "tuck people in" during relaxation. And, while jokingly calling it "Mrs. Weasley Yoga," strives to make everyone feel special and unconditionally cared for.

Jaime started practicing yoga at the age of 8 and became a yoga instructor in Venezuela in 1967. He has learned the Solar, Iyengar and Sivananda methods through various courses in North America, South America and Spain and has extensively studied the yoga philosophy and Sanskrit language. He is a Register Yoga Alliance Teacher (500 hours), founder of a number of yoga and wellness centers in Venezuela and America and has established the East-West Natural Healing, Inc. Jaime taught Yoga for almost 10 years at Saint Louis University and Christian Hospital and has become an international lecturer in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela China and the USA. Jaime runs the oldest Yoga Teacher Training Program in St. Louis.

Janet started to study and practice Kripalu yoga in Cambridge, MA in 1990 to increase her physical flexibility. Little did she realize what a profound and lasting improvement yoga would make on her mind and her body. Janet is a registered architect and currently teaches at two universities. When she moved to St. Louis, Janet studied Iyengar yoga before she started practicing at the Solar Yoga Center of St. Louis 14 years ago where she completed yoga teacher training. She has practiced Vipasana meditation for over 5 years and completed two 10-day training courses. Janet focuses her practice and teaching on the traditional elements of Solar Yoga: psychophysicals, guided relaxation and asanas that integrate meditation techniques to strengthen the mind's ability to concentrate on breathing and the body. In gnana yoga she teaches the anatomy of yoga to her students. She offers the gifts of focus and release of stress for her students.

Jeanne began practicing hatha yoga in the mid 80's when she lived a few blocks from the Solar Yoga Center of St. Louis. After 8 years as a student, she went through yoga teacher training and has been teaching since the mid 90's. She is also a certified YOGAKIDS instructor. The coupling of yoga with her primary vocation as an occupational therapist allows for a deep appreciation and understanding of our life course experiences, as well as a strong foundation in the mechanics of our body. Her style of teaching is an eclectic, organic approach to traditional hatha yoga - one of slowly, steadily and deliberately aligning and elongating while holding a posture and breathing deeply as one relaxes into it. Her gratitude for and appreciation of yoga philosophy is expressed through her ongoing gnana yoga (Sanskrit for 'wisdom') lessons that she embeds in her classes. She welcomes all levels of students and guarantees that your life will be enriched "off the mat" by your experiences "on the mat".

Julie has practiced yoga for 36 years, during most of that time maintaining a career as a teacher and counselor. She studied with international yoga teacher trainers and has Solar Yoga teacher training certification. Yoga has been a strong focus because of her deep interest in eastern philosophy and an emphasis on stress reduction. She uses humor and acceptance coupled with gentle expectations in working with varying ages and ability levels. Julie emphasizes personal strengths to guide students toward stillness, awareness and finding the strength within.

Cathy began her yoga practice at the Solar Yoga Center of St. Louis in 1991 and began teaching in 1992. She is grateful to the community of teachers, students and friends for the opportunity to practice the high and loving energy that comes from karma yoga (i.e., dedicated service). Cathy has an avid interest in yoga as the meeting of physiology and spirit and has studied energy healing for many years. Her most recent training, Living Body and Soul, was at Lionheart Institute in San Antonio. Cathy uses traditional psycho-physical warm-ups as well as a salute to the sun series. Besides the traditional Solar Yoga, she has studied Iyengar yoga. She loves to share information from wisdom scriptures and the many fine authors in the field of yoga. She has learned many chants and occasionally includes a chant as part of the relaxation. Postures are beginning to intermediate, with attention to the individual. Her particular strength is the ability to focus group energy, enabling stillness.

Rebecca has been practicing yoga since 1998. She left her first class with a smile on her face and realized that she was on to something good. She studied at the Solar Yoga Center of St. Louis for a few years before moving to San Francisco in 2001. She experienced many styles of yoga there before finding her home at the Sivananda Yoga Center. Rebecca completed a 200 hour teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley, CA in 2003. A clinical social worker by profession, she recently left paid employment to stay home with her young son. She focuses on encouraging awareness by attention to the breath, stillness and quiet. Through a combination of active exercises and held postures, Rebecca hopes to challenge all ages and show that yoga is accessible to all.

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